Discover how

technology can help you to remain independent in your own home

What is Telecare?


Telecare is a service made up of personal and environmental sensors that enable people to remain safe and independent in their own home for longer. 24 hour monitoring ensures that, should an event occur, the information is acted upon immediately and the most appropriate response put in place.


Telecare is customisable to most individual’s situations. Here are just a few examples of some groups of people who have benefited from the implementation of a telecare package:


                                 •  Those who are vulnerable or at risk                                            •  Those with disabilities

                                 •  Those with learning difficulties                                                     •  Those who live alone

                                 •  Those with sensory impairment                                                   •  Those with limited mobility

                                 •  Those who are frail                                                                      •  Those who are at risk of falling



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